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Exportbank and our affiliates provide $5 Billion yearly in

Receivable Financing | Factoring | Asset Based Lending

“It’s about YOU and YOUR business.
We don’t have rigid or fixed credit policies. We’ll work with you to understand your business and your situation, THEN we’ll create the solution that best meets your needs.”

For up to $100,000 try FASTRACK FACTORING, our simplest and quickest service.

  • 2.99% for up to 90-days. NO other fees.
  • Up to 97% advance of the value of your receivable.
  • Fast & Simple – first funding in as little as two days.
  • Minimal paperwork and documentation.

FASTRACK Here, or call 1 800 808-8802, or

FASTRACK is perfect for small & midsize businesses in: Staffing / Trucking / Distribution / Manufacturing / Printing / Textile / High Tech / Any business that invoices their customer.

Traditional Factoring

If you have multiple clients paying on different terms then our Traditional Factoring is for you. We offer rates as low as 1/3% and can get the first funds to you usually within four days. The Calculator on the right of this page will give you the approximate cost

FACTOR NOW, or call 1 800 808-8802, or

Asset Based Lending

Up to $10 million in Factoring and/or Asset Based Lending tied to your:
Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Machinery, Real Estate or any combination of assets.

Asset Based Lending is usually tied to our Bank Prime Rate plus program.
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Our Obligation to You

Our commitment to the Government is to assist businesses that require financing solutions. For over four-decades, part of that solution has evolved into matching your companies needs with the right financing partner even if that isn’t us.

Best Rates

Everyone says their rates are competitive. With Exportbank, it’s true. Typically, we save our clients at least 20% in fees over their existing finance source. Exportbank and our affiliates fund over $5 billion of receivables a year. That creates economies of scale to pass onto our clients.

Global Reach

We’re Canadian but our focus is much broader. Exportbank and our affiliates provide over $5 Billion yearly helping businesses across the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. We’ve funded over 1 million invoices for companies just like yours. 1 800 808-8802 or 1 800 249-6284 of FAX 1 800 598-6222

Receivable Insurance and Political Risk Insurance

Through Export Development (The EDC), we can insure your receivables against non-payment. We can even insure against Political Risk. Every day the world is getting riskier.

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Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia, Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, USA.

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