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Freight Bill Factoring Transportation / Trucking Companies

We help relieve stress and cure sleepless nights. (money will do that)

Across Canada and the U.S.A.

Annual Receivable Funding Facilities from $100,000 to $10,000,000

At some point, everything moves by truck and it’s currently amounting to almost 20 billion tons across North America.
We know transportation receivable financing. We’ve been helping businesses just like yours for four decades so you won’t have to spend an hour explaining your operation to us. It takes a lot of money to run your business and your customers usually take their time paying your invoices (the norm ranges from 36 to 43 days after they receive your invoice). As your business grows, you need funding to cover your payroll, fuel, maintenance and all your other costs. We provide that predictable source of cash-flow and we do it now!

You’re experiencing rising operating costs coupled with tight margins and ever increasing customer expectations. You face enough challenges and you don’t need to worry about getting your invoices paid and the cash-flow squeeze that comes with juggling fund-availability. Contact us and we’ll give you the ultimate business owner’s dream – a good night’s sleep.

For trucking / transportation

  • We only work with carriers – no brokers.
  • We’ll accommodate one truck or fleet size operations.
  • Bills of Lading required.
  • Invoices include signed original BOL, Carrier Confirmation, Customs docs if applicable.
  • Advance rate is typically up to 90%.
  • We’re flexible. We’ll study your transactions and provide solutions that work for you.
  • All decisions are made right here – no outsiders involved.
  • We match our service to your requirements and don’t try to force you into a solution that doesn’t fit your needs or business style.
  • We’re fast – funding within 24 hours.


Rates as low as 00.39% per 7-day period. Use our online form and we’ll give you a quote within a business day.

Feel free to contact us. We’ve been helping companies like yours for 40 years and look forward to assisting you.

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