Financial Options for:

Staffing Agencies / Security Firms

We offer Worldwide Service if you have branches in other nations.

Annual Receivable Funding Facilities from $100,000 to $10,000,000

The lack of predictable cash flow causes stress & sleepless nights – we can fix that!

Staffing and temporary employment agencies provide an ever-larger part of the Canadian and U.S. workforce. Your employees are your most valuable asset and they expect to be paid on time. The more you grow, the greater the challenges created by the fact that your customers pay you in a range from 32 to 63 days (industry norm).

It’s not just payroll either. It takes a lot of money to operate your business. We provide the predictable source of cash flow that is the lifeblood of every successful staffing operation.

We also provide you with “free” staff – professionals who will keep track of your receivables and stay in touch to make sure they’re paid. They also continually monitor the creditworthiness of your customers so there is never an unwelcome surprise. If your customer’s credit deteriorates, we’ll let you know.


  • We work with staffing companies to ensure adequate cash flow for your payroll
  • Invoices for funding normally include signed timesheets and rate agreements
  • Advance rate is typically up to 90%
  • We’re flexible. We’ll study your transactions and provide solutions that work for you.
  • All decisions are made here – no outsiders involved.
  • We match our service to your requirements and don’t try to force you into a solution that doesn’t fit your needs or business style.
  • We’re fast – funding within 24 hours.


Depends on volume and the payment terms you extend to your customer. For large volumes and if your customer has a great credit rating then costs can be as low as 1/3%

Feel free to contact us. We’ve been helping companies like yours for 40 years and look forward to assisting you.

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